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Excellent hygiene services are essential to any business wanting to create a great impression.

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Poor hygiene is a risk. It not only ruins your business's reputation, it could also make your staff and customers the victims of harmful illnesses.

Flick Anticimex aims to help you identify your needs and provide you with a consistent, cost-effective and quality-driven customised hygiene service solution in line with best practice and quality standards.                  

Why workplace hygiene is important

Maintaining excellent workplace hygiene is required to:

  • Boost wellbeing and health of employees
  • Reduce illnesses at work
  • Raise productivity at the workplace
  • Boost morale at work

Cross contamination happens frequently in washrooms, locker rooms and kitchens because:

  • Microorganisms can spread quickly in moist areas
  • There are airborne pathogens aplenty in washrooms

Flick helps you fight cross contamination with a range of hygiene products and services.

What does your workplace need to maintain proper hygiene?

Flick offers a full suite of washroom services. We take care of hardware installation and regularly service equipment to keep your washrooms fresh and hygienic at all times. We offer these products:

Air Freshener Service

Our Air Freshener gives washrooms a pleasant tailored fragrance and eliminates bad odours. We provide digitally programmed dispensers containing fragrances and odour neutralisers customised to suit your needs and tailored to the size and use patterns of your washroom.

Bacterial Treatment

The Flick Anticimex Bacterial Treatment and Deep Clean eliminates odour causing bacteria. When used together with our sanitiser solution, it keeps toilets and urinals free from uric acid build up and unpleasant smells and bacteria.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray

Anti-Bacterial sprays effectively prevent infections and lower the risks associated with being exposed to harmful bacteria and cross contamination. Facilities shared among many people tend to be a hotbed of germs and cross infection. Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays provide a fast and simple way to lower threats and maintain hygienic environments.

Nappy Disposal Service

Flick Anticimex's nappy service gives parents and businesses a reliable, safe and hygienic nappy disposal method that is also environmentally friendly and affordable.

Paper Dispensers

Flick Anticimex offers an affordable, extensive range of environmentally-friendly virgin pulp hygiene consumables dispensers. All dispensers are simple to use, durable and modern, and suitable for offices and washrooms.

Sanitary Unit Service

Flick Anticimex provides a reliable and trusted solution for sanitary waste removal, reducing the dangers to health and safety of your employees and customers. All our sanitary units fulfil the most stringent hygiene standards for universal cubicle access and placement and come in both automatic and manual types.

Flick sanitary services combine strict hygiene standards with discretion, comfort and ease of use offering a flexible service schedule to meet your individual requirements.

Sharps Disposal

How businesses approach disposal of sharps speaks volumes about how much they prioritise the safety and health of the people around them, employees and customers included.

Flick Anticimex provides a variety of heavy duty tamper proof, reliable and sturdy sharps units designed to meet strict Australian Standards. All Flick sharps disposal units safely store contaminated sharps and needles and have a long deposit chute, which prevents any contact with sharps located in the container.

Soap Service

Hand washing is one of the most obvious ways to reduce illnesses and safeguard against cross-contamination. Warm water and soap are effective at boosting hygiene and correct hand drying is also important to uphold proper hand hygiene. Flick offers a hygienic and cost effective solution to your soap service requirements with our stylish range of durable and dependable tamper proof dispensers.

Our extensive variety of high quality and pleasantly fragranced PH balanced soaps to meet your individual requirements include, foam, spray or luxury liquid hand soap and anti-bacterial.

Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray

Surfaces that look clean can be deceiving and actually be crawling with lots of dangerous bacteria.

Flick Anticimex Toilet Seat Spray units are simple to use and offer individuals with the chance to sanitise and clean germ-infested surfaces like toilet seats prior to using them. Flick Anticimex Toilet Seat sanitising spray dries extremely quickly and can eradicate up to 99.9% of the usual harmful bacteria and germs.

Urinal and WC Sanitisers

Hazardous bacteria can take to the air after flushing, and toilet seats and urinals can be at high risk of contamination by faeces.

Flick Anticimex Urinal and WC Sanitisers provide a reliable way to keep urinal and toilet areas clean and reduce washroom odours. The system sanitises, deodorises and cleans each time the WC/urinal is flushed, leaving a protective coating on the surfaces ensuring that bacteria and cross-contamination are eliminated after each use. Our sanitising units can be mounted externally or internally concealed and are fashioned from durable ABS Plastic, offering a reliable, safe and effective sanitising method.

Urinal Screens / Bio Tabs

Urinal Screens are hygienically encased and perfectly designed to work regardless of the amount of water that is flushed through the system, eliminating bacteria and unpleasant smells. More effective than standard urinal cakes, urinal screens release active ingredients gradually to reduce coagulation within the trap which can cause blockages and odour.

Vending Machines

We offer a wide variety of hygiene products through vending machines that can be both useful and also keep your washroom area interesting.

Hygiene Consumables and Paper Products

No matter the size of your business, we provide hygiene consumables that are appropriate, modern and affordable. We offer a wide variety of stylish dispensers and premium paper products can be delivered directly to your workplace. For more information, visit our Hygiene Consumables page.

Why use Flick Anticimex as your Integrated Hygiene Solutions provider?

Flick Anticimex is your trusted hygiene solutions provider supported by many years of experience and national infrastructure. We are proud of supplying highly effective washroom and hygiene solutions.

Our extensive national network supported by our fully trained and qualified professional service technicians ensures that we offer localised services of the highest quality in line with industry best practice standards. Our team and business consist of:

  • 870+ front-line operational personnel, administration staff and remote agents
  • 36 Flick branches and depots throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • 450+ Flick vehicles, coordinated on a daily basis to deliver quality services nationwide
  • Dedicated hierarchy of management, control and systems

Excellent hygiene is a key component of a happy, healthy business. Flick will handle all your washroom needs offering complete hygiene solutions tailored to your business needs, so you can focus on your business activities.

Automatic hygiene scheduling system

Flick operates an Automatic Scheduling System which details site service requirements, programmed into an annual maintenance cycle based on your individual site specifications. An annual maintenance plan identifies when your hygiene services are due and allows the flexibility to make changes to meet your individual site specific requirements.

Waste Disposal in accordance with EPA

Flick Anticimex manages the disposal of sanitary waste in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1993. We are regularly audited and therefore have processes and systems in place to ensure our waste disposal activities are compliant with regulatory standards and are environmentally sound.

Sanitary and nappy waste are transported from our customer’s sites to the nearest Flick Anticimex Hygiene branch, where the waste is then compacted in an on-site compactor unit. Formal arrangements with waste transport companies ensure this waste is collected from Flick branches and treated prior to disposal into general landfill.

Would you like more information on our range of washroom and hygiene service solutions? Call 1300 65 65 31 now or complete the contact us form, your friendly Flick team is ready to help!

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