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Odour Control

We provide all your odour control solutions

Whether it be in your washroom, workplace kitchen/kitchenette, or open space office, odour makes a big first impression. The smell of these areas can either leave a person running out of your workplace or leave satisfied with the pleasant smell. 

Despite how clean your washroom, kitchen or your reception area may be, odour problems can still be prevalent. Solving odour issues is not as simple as masking the smell, but it's about combatting and eradicating the unpleasant smell. Our odour control solutions provide you with the ability to combat bad smells and funky odours in any environment with a tailored odour management systems, ensuring fresh and pleasant fragrances at all times of the day. Tailor the type of smell according to your preferences and set the frequency and distribution of our air freshener consoles. We offer two types of air fresheners with a variety of fragrances that range from low to strong intensity: Automatic Air Freshener System and Oxy-Gen Air Freshness System.

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