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The premium choice in termite detection

Termite Detection Dogs

Flick Anticimex offers the premium choice in termite detection services through the use of highly professional detection dogs.

Available to customers in Adelaide, Ballina, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Brisbane service areas, we offer our highly professional detection dogs that have been trained from infancy to detect the smell of termites and termite damage. Perfect for residential and commercial customers who are battling with live termites have evident termite damage done to their property, and for those who want a premium solution.

Detection dogs have been trained by our national accredited dog trainers from infancy to be able to detect the scent of termites. Check out our training process in the video below from our Melbourne branch.

The two experts (the detection dog and the dog handler) are complementary partners who work together to detect termite activity/damage in hard to access areas and in multiple detected entry points.Choose the premium choice in termite detection; our dog handler along with our detection dog achieve efficiency and accuracy to keep your property safe from the threat of termites.

Why should I choose detection dogs?

  • Dogs are able to detect multiple termite entry points;
  • Dogs can access hard-to-access areas; and
  • Accurate and fast detection as you have two experts on site.

For more information on our termite detection dogs, feel free to fill in the form below or to call one of the following offices:

Adelaide (08) 8133 1200
Ballina (02) 6686 3644
Brisbane (07) 3638 4100 for commercial customers or (07) 3373 7744 for residential customers
Gold Coast (07) 5512 0700
Sydney (02) 9651 2311
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