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Granitgard Termite Management System

Granitgard is a Chemical Free Physical Termite Management System providing a safe, cost effective and reliable system to deter the concealed entry of Subterranean Termites.

Natural crushed and screened Australian granite and PVC strip shielding is installed into the brick cavity around the perimeter of new buildings, the area most prone to attack by subterranean termites. The Granitgard particle system works by being too dense and hard for termites to push or chew their way through. This forces any termite activity into the open where it can be visually detected. It is therefore essential that a 75mm "inspection zone" clear of obstructions be maintained around the bottom outside edge of the building and a visual termite inspection be carried out by the installer of the management system at least once a year. Granitgard can be used in conjunction with other approved termite management systems. The costs, health risks and inconvenience of re-treatments to chemical barriers are avoided with Granitgard, offering a more sustainable solution to termite protection.

Granitgard has Codemark Certificate of Conformative backed up with the much sought after Australian Building Code Board certificate. Granitgard has also received the Environmental Choice Declaration from the Environmental Labelling Association, Granitgard Termite Management Systems are only installed by authorised and fully trained Granitgard licensees following strict installation and quality assurance guidelines.

Published: 11-05-2016

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