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We have been protecting families and homes from the invasion of pests since 1918. Flick Anticimex were the original pioneers in the Australian termite industry, with our founder, William Albert Flick combatting the first case of termites.

Today, Flick Anticimex has a variety of termite management systems suitable for all situations and environments. Our inspections are conducted by technicians who have extensive knowledge of your area and are backed by innovative solutions and extensive research. Flick Anticimex is equipped to handle and control any termite situation.

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According to the CSIRO, termites are found as often in double brick and steel-framed houses as in those with timber frames. Termites aren't picky with their food source and can easily eat through insulation, window and door frames, and any household item made of cellulose material. If you're considering a termite inspection or haven't thought of termites as a serious problem, you may want to reconsider. Plus, most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage, meaning more fees!

Flick Anticimex offers a variety of termite inspections and treatments that with regular maintenance ensures your home is protected from termite damage. During your Timber Pest Inspection, your technician will:

  1. Inspect all buildings, structures, and attachments containing timber and cellulose.
  2. Inspect timber fences, decks, pergolas, and outbuildings.
  3. Inspect all trees and landscape timbers on the property.
  4. Provide recommendations, advice, a detailed treatment program, and quotation.

We believe that early detection is key as it will significantly reduce damage and cost of repairs. Contact us today; it's never too early!


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