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Garden Weed Control

Efficient & Reliable Weed Control Services

Are you desperately in need of weed control because your garden is being overrun by these pesky plants?

For weed control services that work, contact us!

Trying to control weeds on your own is not only difficult, it is also a time sink. To make matters worse, weeds usually grow back within a few weeks or even days after they are painstakingly removed.

Our non-selective weed control employs effective herbicides that can put an end to your struggle with weeds in the garden. What's more, this can be combined with your yearly pest removal service, enabling you to get more done in one single appointment.

Weed Facts

Weeds are plants that pop up in places where they are unwanted. Whether a plant can be called a weed really depends on the situation and where is appearing.

One of the biggest situations in which weeds are abhorred is when they have an adverse effect on the cultivation of crops, have a negative impact on the environment or are harmful to health.

Weeds are generally classified according to their characteristics, the effect they have on their surroundings and the circumstances which lead to their growth. The main types are:

  • noxious weeds;
  • water weeds; and
  • others.

Many weed types fall into two or three of the above categories. One example is the blackberry, which is considered noxious but also presents an environmental or agricultural threat in certain situations.

Where do weeds originate?

Weeds which occur in gardens and parks often find their way there by chance, while others piggyback on plants that are introduced for the purposes of agriculture or come from tanks of water, traveling goods and other items.

Scientists are developing more and more ways to reduce the susceptibility of new plants to weeds. In Australia's nursery industry, the susceptibility of thousands of species that are grown and sold locally has been examined. The industry also compiles information that enables gardeners to select appropriate plant species according to where they are located.

What are types of garden weeds are damaging?

Noxious Weeds

Some weeds are so damaging that the law requires that they are controlled by those who own or occupy the land. These weeds are labeled noxious, and it is in the public interest to control these plants. The cost of implementing such control is well worth the benefit the community enjoys as a result.

To decide which weeds should be classified as noxious, weed risk assessment is carried out by scientists on a local or nation-wide basis.

Water Weeds

Water weeds can spell disaster for freshwater environments. Since the days of European settlement, numerous weed species not endemic to Australia have found their ways into waterways, whether by accident or on purpose and have unfortunately proliferated.

Other Weeds

Numerous other weed types can have an effect on crops, the environment, horticulture, gardens and public amenities.

How does Flick Anticimex control weeds? 

Our team administers weed treatments that utilise only environmentally friendly substances, which we think is important to prevent poisonous chemicals from seeping into the soil and traveling into waterways. Our weed control services eliminate noxious weeds which, if ignored, can cause great harm or even death to your other plants.

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