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Flick Safe House

Reliable Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Flick Safe House offers its customers the opportunity to have their potential new home or homes inspected for timber pests before they make a commitment to purchase.

As you begin to search the market for a new property there are many factors you need to consider. One important question to ask prior to buying is "could this property be infested with termites or other wood boring beetles?" In order to answer these questions, you will need a reliable and accurate pre-purchase timber pest inspection and report.

What is Flick Safe House?

Flick Safe House is a division of Australia's largest pest control company, Flick Anticimex. We wanted to offer home buyers peace of mind when purchasing their first, or next home. To do so, we created Flick Safe House to solely focus on assisting home buyers. Flick Safe House provides pre-purchase termite inspection reports for either a property you have purchased or even property you're simply inspecting.

All reports are compiled based on visual timber pest inspections and are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 Inspection of buildings Part 1: Pre-purchase inspections - Residential buildings. Flick Safe House offers its customers the opportunity to purchase an inspection report at a competitive price where they will only be required to pay the balance if they are successful in purchasing the property. Our pre-purchase timber reports are a user friendly, affordable solution to prospective buyers when undertaking the often laborious and potentially expensive task of looking for a new home.

Why should you choose Flick Safe House?

Flick Safe House should be your first point of contact when considering purchasing a property. Property inspections should always be conducted prior to making a purchase as these reports will help you objectively decide whether this is a wise property investment.


  • Quick and easy process
  • Saves time for the buyer
  • Objective and professional reports
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cost effective – only pay full price for the property you purchase

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