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Target the pests that are bothering you with our limited-time offers!

1. Treat 4 pests for the price of 1. That’s rodents, black ants, spiders and cockroaches eradicated for only $299!

2. If you suspect termites munching on your home, get an inspection now for only $249. Termite inspections come with 12 months conditional warranty for extra peace of mind.

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Why Australians choose Flick Anticmex

Flick Anticimex is an eco-friendly pest control company that has been operating since 1918 Using modern green technology and leveraging our 100 years of experience, you can enjoy peace of mind with our reliable quality pest control services.

We strive to provide you with preventative pest management knowledge and sustainable solutions to ensure you can enjoy a pest-free home for longer.

Gift your family with health and safety by getting regular professional pest inspections and treatments from Flick Anticimex.

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