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Blockaid-Termi - block out termites from the start

Industry leading pre-construction termite sealant, Blockaid-Termi is a solvent free Termite Management System for joints, step downs, narrow cavities and retaining walls. This acrylic, highly flexible Termite Proof membrane dries grey with a smooth surface finish. Perfect for either interior or exterior use, we can apply Blockaid-Termi for you with or without other reinforcing fabrics. 

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Where Can I Use It?

Durable and flexible in design

Powered by an industry proven long lasting active ingredient - bifenthrin - Blockaid-Termi has excellent adhesion and weathering properties combined with durability and flexibility.

Easy to apply

Applied with either a brush, roller or gun, Blockaid-Termi is your easy to apply pre-construction termite protection. This makes it perfect to get into the joints of step downs, narrow cavities and more!

Industry Leading

Blockaid-Termi complies with AS3660.1 AS3660.2 AS3660.3 and the Australian standard for wet area membranes AS 4858.

Fifty year termite protection warranty

On the off chance the termites return after our Blockaid-Termi treatment, we offer a full fifty year termite protection warranty on your property! Conditions apply, as per warranty documentation and installation manual.

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