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Protect your foodstuff from stored product pest damage

Stored product pests are commonly active around stored food items, but for many of these insects, any grain product or product of animal origin can be at risk.  In this classification of pests, there is a wide variety of insects including moths, weevils, beetles, borers and mites. Our licensed and professionally trained technicians can assist you with a flexible, tailored solution to meet your needs and prevent these pests from becoming a problem in your home or workplace.

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Stored Product Pest Control Method

What methods are used to control stored product pests?

During the pest service, the technician will inspect specific areas, looking for stored product pest activity and will then recommend the appropriate treatment measures. Flick Anticimex provides structured reports with detailed documentation and fully comprehensive audit services pertinent to Stored Product Pests treatment.

Treatment methods may vary depending upon the level of infestation, the offending pest species and the product which has been contaminated. These methodologies range from pheromone monitoring, contaminated food removal, space spray treatment and/or fumigation.

Effective treatments that keep the pests away for good
After-Treatment Tips

Control measures involve improving storage conditions and drying out infected articles so that the insects die of desiccation. Proper ventilation must be established to reduce the suitability of current habitats. Chemical treatments would include space sprays and surface sprays depending on the articles to be treated.

Controls would include removal of infested food source. If the commodity is a food item it should be disposed of. Non-food items can be chemically treated or ‘heat’ treated if appropriate. The area around the infestation must also be treated to remove adult infestation and re-infestation

Contaminated food sources should be removed and disposed of. The environment could be dried out or the temperature conditions could possibly be altered. Clean out the infested area to ensure spilt commodity does not remain. Chemical measures to kill adults that may seek cover in cracks and crevices should be used, for example, space sprays. Fumigation could also be used in extreme cases. If the problem continues to occur it may be owing to the reintroduction of the mite in newer stocks of processed goods. Thus stock inspection may be necessary prior to storage

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