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Protecting your valued possessions

Silverfish are a common pest, found munching on valued books, family albums, clothes and even food items found in the pantry. The unfortunate case of a silverfish infestation is that they are a problem year-round (although are more active in warmer months). The best course of action for long-term control is to book an inspection and treatment from trusted pest control professionals. 

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control
  • Home products and techniques can rarely get rid of all cockroaches from homes and businesses.
  • Our technicians know the patterns and habits of different cockroach species. Our unrivalled experience and in depth knowledge helps with the formulating of the cockroach IPM.
  • Our professional pest controllers have specialised equipment to gain access to normally inaccessible parts of the building structure.
  • Our wide variety of products and systems isn’t found in hardware stores, supermarkets and such.
After-Treatment Tips

Place uneaten food in containers and frequently clean scraps

Throw out unused papers/cardboard boxes

Properly store loose photos, books, magazines or other loose papers in containers

Seal any areas exposed by peeling wallpaper

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