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Rodents reproduce extremely quickly and a population can easily escalate beyond your control. In order to nip the problem in the bud and keep your home, yard and health safe; it is key to engage pest control professionals who can offer a bespoke solution for your situation. Flick Anticimex offers reliable rodent solutions, that utilise tamper-proof, numbered bait stations and secure rodenticide baits.

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control

Homeowners tend to try DIY solutions when trying to deal with rodent issues. Some homemade remedies include essential oils and mothballs. Unfortunately, these are rarely effective when dealing with serious infestations. The wisest move on the part of anyone facing rodent problems is to immediately contact a pest control specialist and arrange for an inspection. Professionals can not only get rid of infestations quickly but can also help to deter rodents from returning.

After-Treatment Tips

Rodent control tips
to complement your IPM

If you live in a densely populated neighbourhood or in an apartment complex, it may be wise to coordinate activities with neighbours, aimed at preventing infestations, such as cleaning up the area or changing the landscape. Individual homes can also be made more rodent-resistant by finding and sealing points that rodents may be able to exploit to enter the property.

Rodent Control Tips

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