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Flea & tick solutions for animal lovers

A case of the fleas or ticks is commonplace in Australian homes with pets. However, other residents are not immune, especially if you work closely with pets or your home was previously lived in by pet owners. Fleas and ticks bring an irritating itch to both humans and pets, and some people believe this is the extent of their harm. However, there are reports of ticks causing paralysis and even death in animals. Protect your beloved pets and family from these critters with the assistance of Flick Anticimex.

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control

Fleas and ticks are considered one of the most irritating pests for pet owners.

Many DIY flea and tick control methods are used as a preventative action before an infestation occurs. Otherwise, control methods, like veterinary recommended medication, are used to protect pets but not the entire home from fleas/ticks. Once a flea or tick gains access to your home, the problem will grow exponentially as some fleas take as little as 18 days to go from eggs to adult.

Without the help of approved and registers insecticides, your flea and tick problem will suffer, possibly spreading to other households. Ticks are also known carriers of disease that can affect pets and humans. Thankfully, Australia is generally free from tick-borne diseases. 

After-Treatment Tips

Regularly wash pet bedding

Regularly clean floors and furniture with vacuum

Use general flea treatments and preventative methods on your pets

Regularly mow your lawn

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