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Flying insect control solutions

Flying insects such as flies, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes can be a huge problem, especially during the warmer summer months. They spoil food, are a nuisance and can even spread dangerous diseases. Flies land on all kinds of food scraps, faeces, and dead animals, picking up disease-carrying bacteria as they go, while mosquitoes are actually considered the world's deadliest animal because of the many wide-spread diseases they carry. Of all Australian pests, wasps actually caused the most hospitalisations in Australia annually, and moths are a general nuisance, causing damage to your clothes, curtains and other fabric-based furniture. Keep them away for good, with the help of Flick Anticimex's innovative flying insect control (FIC) solutions.

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control

DIY flying insect control methods do not ensure that the breeding site is eradicated. These at home, once off methods only keep flying insects away temporarily. Over time you may end up wasting more money and energy. Professional flying insect control is perfect for customers who are looking for a long-term answer to your flying insect control problem. As a premium solution, we offer Flying Insect Control units for homes and business, ideal for food processing, preparation and storage business.

After-Treatment Tips
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