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Discreet and reliable bird control solutions

Birds are beautiful in the wild, but unfortunately introduced species have settled down in urban areas, particularly in places where they do more harm than good. Pest birds can cause extensive structural damage, spread mites, parasites and harmful bacteria, accidentally trigger alarms and damage the good reputation of your storefront. Our service helps to prevent damages and avoid health problems caused by birds. Our solutions are designed to blend in with the architecture and building design in the least obtrusive way

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From Inspection to Treatment
Professional versus DIY Bird Control

Our Bird Proofing is a service integrating efficient methods and customised solutions which stop birds from settling on or entering buildings through openings in facades. DIY bird control consists of a lot of physical labour and costly materials. In addition, we can ensure that our bird control solutions are designed to protect the structural integrity of your building. This is ideal for commemorative statues, cultural heritage buildings and establishments. Calling Flick Anticimex to tackle your bird problem means you'll be saving yourself from the physical and monetary troubles.

After-Treatment Tips

Discourage customers from feeding birds left over foods

Install gutter guards to keep birds from nesting

Eliminate any other food sources, like nearby fruit trees etc.

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