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Bed bug control that actually works

Bed bugs are a pervasive pest, that plague a number of houses. The main cause is due to negligence when travelling. Bed bugs are able to hide in the folds of mattresses, in alarm clocks, bedside tables and inside your suitcase. Bringing them inside your home can prove to be a tough problem, as recently, bed bugs are evolving; they're slowly becoming immune to certain insecticides. This is especially true for bed bug eggs as the egg casing is almost impenetrable. However, Flick Anticimex has a variety of innovative treatments that work around these obstacles.

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control

Unfortunately, there are no home remedies that can successfully rid you of bed bugs. In order to get eliminate an infestation without resorting to harmful pesticides, specialist knowledge about where they hide, multiply and flourish is needed. Flick Anticimex possesses years of experience and is equipped with the latest and most effective pest eradication methods and technologies. Full cooperation from your entire household is necessary to achieve the best results.

After-Treatment Tips

After travelling, thoroughly inspect suitcase before bringing indoors

Wash bed sheets and clothes at minimum 60°C

Freeze any suspicious items, like alarm clocks, for at least 24 hours

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