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Ant control made simple

Ant invasions are solvable as long as there is an integrated pest management (IPM) system and compliance from the home resident/s. Ant infestations can range from mild to severe. For any degree of ant infestations, professional pest control is the best option. Wiping down counter tops and meticulous cleaning may aid controlling the ant population around your home, however, it is not a full proof plan.

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From Preparation to Treatment
Professional versus DIY pest control

When it comes to ant control, you can trust us to effectively keep ants away from your home. Our technicians are professionals in pest control and regularly undergo training sessions to keep their knowledge up to date. At Flick Anticimex, we highly recommend against using DIY pest control treatments for a number of reasons.

  • We know the type of environments around your home that ants love; the types of ants invading your home; and have learnt quite a few secrets about their habits.
  • Our professional pest controllers have specialised equipment and a wide variety of ant control products that are only accessible to registered pest controllers.
  • We provide warranty for ant treatments performed by our technicians (conditions apply and subject to change).
After-Treatment Tips

Clean up food spills immediately

Remove unconsumed pet foods

Change pet feeding stations regularly

Seal all cracks and crevices

Trim plants and trees that touch exterior of home

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