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Flick Anticimex provide tailored treatments for different types of spiders, regardless whether they are webbing, crawling or deadly. You can trust our pest technicians to protect you and your family from pesky spiders. By breaking the breeding cycle, you can enjoy your property free from unsightly webs. Contact Flick Anticimex today to book a treatment.

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Spider Treatment

Australia is home to a wide range of spiders including the infamous red-back and funnel-web spiders, huntmans, garden wolf and black house spiders. Spider lay their eggs in silken sacs so if you spot one around the home or in the garden, be prepared to expect an invasion of baby spiders.

Spiders must be regularly controlled to prevent spikes in spider population and escalations to full-blown infestations. The key to controlling spiders is to treat the breeding and hiding sites. Flick Anticimex pest technicians are experienced in treating spider infestations and eliminate the problem at its core.

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