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Stored Product Pests

At the commercial level, constant vigilance is essential to maintain food free from insects on its journey from the farm to the consumers' table. Stored Product Pests are regarded as critical pests within the food manufacturing industry, listed below is a brief description of these pests and the damage they can cause.

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Primary Grain Pests

Primary grain pests are those insects which for the main part, attack and infest sound whole grains e.g wheat, oats, barley, rice and generally carry out the immature stages of their life cycle within a grain kernel. Such insects include the Rice and Granary weevils, the lesser grain borer and the Angoumois grain moth.

Secondary Grain Pests

Secondary grain pests prefer to infest broken grains, flour, cereal products and other products ranging from confectionery to dried meats and even including tobacco and pepper. Commonly encountered insects belonging to this group include the Sawtoothed grain beetle, Rust-red flour beetle, Mediterranean flour moth, Indian meal moth, Spider beetle, Flat grain beetle, Drugstore beetle and Tobacco beetle.

Other Types of Stored Product Pests


Granary and Rice Weevils are most common, these pests feed on the whole grain and infest stored food. 

Angoumois Grain Moth

This pest feeds on whole grains in fields and in storage. Infested stored grain has unpalatable taste and a sickening smell. 

Indian Meal Moth

The most common pests of whole wheat and cornmeal is the Indian Meal Moth, which can attack a variety of other foods including cereals, dried milk and candy. This pest spoils more food than it consumes due to the webbing that it leaves behind.

Flour Beetles

There are two major species and they both feed on broken or damaged grain; all types of grain products, peas, beans, dried fruit, drugs and chocolates.

Saw Toothed / Merchant Grain Beetle

The Saw Thoothed/Merchant Grain Beetle is omnivorous and can attack cereals, bread, flour, cake mixes, dried fruits, nuts, and dried meat as well as many other products, but cannot attack whole grain.

Cigarette Beetle

This pest feeds on damaged portions of grain, grain products, spices, dried fruits, meats and other items.

Drugstore Beetle

The Drugstore Beetle resembles the Cigarette Beetle, it feeds on broken or damaged grain and it infests household grain products, spices and drugs.

Mediterranean Flour Moth

The is pest infests a variety of broken grain products including flour, cereals, dog food, nuts seeds, chocolate and dried fruit. The larvae spin thread and small particles may break off and land in manufactured food product, thus infesting it.

Stored Product Pest Treatment 

During the pest service, the technician will inspect specific areas, looking for stored product pest activity and will then recommend the appropriate treatment measures. Flick Anticimex provides structured reports with detailed documentation and fully comprehensive audit services pertinent to Stored Product Pests treatment.

Treatment methods may vary depending upon the level of infestation, the offending pest species and the product which has been contaminated. These methodologies range from pheromone monitoring, contaminated food removal, space spray treatment and/or fumigation.

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