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Flick K9 Unit

Flick has recently launched an innovative new service to tackle bed bug problems. The K9 Unit consists of professionally trained dogs and technicians who collaboratively detect hidden bed bugs.

Need help finding the bed bugs?

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed bug infestations in Australia is growing at an alarming rate and the tourism industry is facing the brunt of this invasion. Flick has established a professionally trained K9 Unit to develop a team of efficient and effective bed bug detection experts.

Detection dogs are used extensively by Police and Customs Officials to uncover the presence of drugs and explosives.

Bed bug dogs are trained to find the scent of bed bugs and are extremely cost effective. The K9 team can represent a pro-active approach to bed bug detection and treatment

Flick’s Bed Bug K9 Unit undergo months of training with our nationally accredited dog trainers. This training shapes our K9 Unit to become the most efficient and effective bed bug detection tool available.

Benefits to expect:

  • Minimal bed bug infestation
  • Maintains reputation
  • Significantly reduces pesticide use
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste and cost
  • Minimizes wasted employee time
  • Far more accurate detection
Published: 25-05-2016

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