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Heat Treatment Technology

Flick's Heat Treatment Technology is an innovative service that effectively eradicates bed bugs in a closed area in an impressively short amount of time, saving your money and time.

Looking for an effective bed bug treatment?

Heat Treatment Technology

This is a system whereby the power to the room heaters is supplied from a generator mounted in the trailer, which is parked as close to the area/room to be treated as possible. The power comes from a 3 phase outlet in the trailer.  

Heating units are wheeled in and set up in the room, along with 2 fans to distribute the heat evenly.  The chemical application normally supplements the heat treatment. We have previously done hundreds of these treatments over a 5 year period. The success rate is approximately 95%.

We also have a very good success rate with our current chemical/vacuuming/steam - 3 service program. This heating method only requires the affected room to be secluded for 1 or 2 nights, however, our traditional method of treatment may result in 14 nights of seclusion.

Procedure of the Heat Treatment

  • Heaters and fans are strategically positioned at key points in the room where bedbug activity has been reported and/or detected
  • Room exposure time to the heat treatment is 3 hours minimum at 60°C.  The 3 hours begins when the room reaches 60°C.
  • The Flick technician is usually on site for approx. 8 hours, wirelessly monitoring the system.
  • Overall turn-around time for a room to be returned to service is 24 – 48 hours (dependent on the degree of infestation).

Heat Treatment Technology for handling a bed bug invasion

Benefits of the Heat Treatment:

  • Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures above 46 degrees celsius.
  • Heat kills ALL life stages of the bed bug - from eggs to adults.
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments are chemical-free. It has been proven that bed bugs have the ability to build up a resistance to chemicals/pesticides.
  • A Bed Bug Heat Treatment can be completed in 24 hours and re occupancy is immediate in most cases. On the contrary, chemical treatments may take multiple visits over several weeks and use many litres of pesticides.
  • Heat can penetrate all areas of a room - eradicating bed bugs in areas you would not think to inspect.
  • There is no need to dispose of any furniture in 99% of cases.
Published: 25-05-2016

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