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Black House and Coastal Brown Ants

Of the few thousand ant species that exist in Australia, only a few are considered pests.

The small Black House ants and Coastal Brown ants that develop large colonies in and around houses are of the most concern.

Ants live in permanent nests which may be in the soil, in timber, under pavers, in wall cavities or roof voids. They may travel considerable distances for food - if it can possibly be considered food, there will be a species of ant that will want to take it back to its nest.

Ant activity often increases during periods of high humidity and often new nests are established in areas where ants may not have been noticed before. Many people say that you can predict the weather by ant activity, that ants are more active just before it rains, interestingly, just as many say that ants are less active just before it rains.

Why are ants a pest?

Ants are considered pests for a number of reasons. Firstly, people consider ants a nuisance. Not only can they trailing ants be unsightly but they can cause damage and spoil products.  Have you had them invade your pantry lately and spoil food?  When their numbers increase they can get into appliances, baby bottles etc, and make life a real misery.

Secondly, depending on the species, ants may nest inside wall cavities, electrical equipment, and roof voids.  Others species nest in and around gardens and under paved areas, causing soil subsidence. Ant control preserves your property's value.

Do I need professional ant control?

While there steps you can take to minimise ant infestation, if invasions are severe or consistent, you will need the help of a professional for long-term ant control. When it comes to ant control, you can trust Flick Anticimex to effectively keep ants away from your home. With customer compliance and regular treatments, you can keep the ants out of your home for good. For more information on our ant control solutions, click here.

Tips for ant control:

You can help to reduce ant infestations by:

  • Cleaning up food spills immediately
  • Removing unconsumed pet food
  • Changing pet feeding areas regularly
  • Sealing cracks and crevices
  • Cutting back plants and trees that are touching the house

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