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Are you discovering evidence of cockroaches without actually seeing them roaming around? Cockroaches are nocturnal and great at hiding. Professional cockroach treatment is recommended as we can quickly identify the species and conduct the eradication process by targeting the specific locations in which they live and breed. Flick Anticimex is experienced in treating all kinds of cockroaches including German, American, and Australian. Contact us for help today!

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Cockroach Treatment

The cockroach is virtually invincible, with the ability to survive a month without food. They are nocturnal and can hide almost anywhere, making it extremely difficult for you to identify a cockroach infestation. Flick Anticimex roach exterminators are very familiar with the different pest cockroaches and their habits. Our roach exterminators are fully licensed to handle and apply pesticides. They are also trained to international standards, making our roach exterminators the best of the best in the cockroach control field.

We will get rid of cockroaches with proven effective eradication processes. The way we get rid of them depends on environmental factors, the type of cockroach and the severity of the cockroach infestation. We use a mixture of cockroach monitoring traps and pesticides alongside experienced advice, yielding better results in cockroach control. 

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How to help get rid of cockroaches

Clean! Clean! Clean!

To help get rid of cockroaches (alongside your Flick Anticimex cockroach control treatment), please don't leave food scraps in the kitchen. Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink as this will attract cockroaches. Also, do not leave food scraps in the dining area or garbage inside the home overnight. Please keep any foods in the refrigerator or sealed in airtight containers. We guarantee this will help control the cockroaches in your home. Outside of the kitchen, we recommend throwing out any unused cardboard boxes, bags or other debris. Don't keep them lying around. Cockroaches usually make it into the home via parcels or boxes.

Maintenance around the home

To control the cockroaches, eliminate any sources of moisture (cockroaches love moist environments). Help get rid of cockroaches by repairing any leaking taps or pipes. Regularly clean your gutters from debris build up, so the cockroaches don't have a place to get together and hide. Eliminate any cockroach access points in your home by using tight-fitted fly screens on doors and windows. We also recommend draft excluders for the bottom of back and front doors. Finally, make sure the grass around your property is short enough so the cockroaches cannot hide there.

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The most effective form of cockroach control is long term pest treatments. We recommend scheduling regular cockroach inspections and control treatments, although the frequency of our visits can vary depending on a number of environmental factors. Your Flick Anticimex roach exterminator will recommend follow up treatments and other cockroach control advice during a visit.

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