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Are you discovering evidence of cockroaches without actually seeing them roaming around? Cockroaches are nocturnal and great at hiding. Professional cockroach treatment is recommended as we can quickly identify the species and conduct the eradication process by targeting the specific locations in which they live and breed. Flick Anticimex are experienced in treating all kinds of cockroaches including German, American and Australian. Contact us for help today!

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Cockroach Treatment

The cockroach is virtually invincible, with the ability to survive a month without food. They are nocturnal and can hide almost anywhere, making it extremely difficult for you to identify a cockroach infestation. Flick Anticimex pest technicians are familar with cockroach species and their habits, resulting in more effective erradication processes. We use a mixture of cockroach monitoring traps and pesticides alongside experienced advice, yielding better results in eliminating cockroaches. 

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