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Flick Anticimex specialises in determining the types of ants that are causing you problems and providing effective treatments to remove ants from your home. Our licenced pest technicians will create barriers around your home and give you advice on how to limit ant access into your property. Contact Flick Anticimex today to book a treatment.

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Ant population increase with the level of humidity and new nests are often established in previously ants-free areas. The most common pest ants around the home are Black House ants and Coastal Brown ants. They develop large colonies in and around homes and pose the most concern. Ants are unsightly, cause damage and spoil products. Depending on the ant species, they can also invade wall cavities, electrical equipment and roof voids. Professional pest controllers can quickly and accurately identify the ant species plaguing you and devise an appropriate and effective treament to get rid of ants.

Have you checked your pantry and doorway leading to the garden lately? The warmer climate is generally an invitation to ants.

Contact Flick Anticimex today and protect your family from ants. All pest control services are accompanied by pest specific warranties, ask one of our friendly staff for more detail.

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