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Perth Washroom & Hygiene Service

Here at Flick, we care about your washroom! We are dedicated to helping you define your needs and recommending tailored washroom solutions for your business. Call us today to receive your FREE quote!

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Workplace hygience is essential for staff health, safety and productivity. Give your staff the luxury of working in an environment that is free from bacteria and health hazards.

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Hygiene Consumables

If you work with customers, your image and brand reputation is everything. Don't let your washroom tarnish the image of your business. Maintain it's freshness and cleanliness with the help of Flick Anticimex. Not only will customers be more willing to use your facilities, but staff members will also benefit as the hygienic state of your washroom impacts staff's productivity, wellbeing and health.

Call on Flick Anticimex Perth to maintain the hygienic state of your washroom. Our wide range of services and products will ensure that your washroom will function smoothly and smell fragrant.

Our hygiene services include:

  • Deep Clean Bacterial treatments (Urinal & WC)
  • Nappy units
  • Soap dispensers
  • Air freshener dispensers


  • Anti-bacterial hand sprays
  • Anti-bacterial toilet seat sanitisers
  • Urinal & WC sanitising
  • Sanitary units (manual & automatic)

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