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Pest control in Parramatta

Considered the second largest CBD in New South Wales, Parramatta is dense with all kinds of people. Situated along the Parramatta River, this suburb is a melting pot of arts, food and culture.

Unfortunately, also in this melting pot are unwelcome pests who find their way into residential and commercial developments. The highly dense population of Parramatta shouldn't be taking pest control lightly in either their homes or their businesses. With constantly busy and populated areas like Westfield Parramatta, the Western Sydney University campus, and the number of stores lined along Church Street, large developments and their surrounding properties need reliable pest control services to keep the pests at bay. Flick Anticimex can help the population of Parramatta with your pest control needs!

What are common pests in the Parramatta area?

Pests more commonly found in the suburb of Parramatta include rodents, cockroaches, and spiders. Being the second oldest city in Australia boasting both traditional and newer Australian homes, termites are a common pest in the area as well. These pests are both dangerous to the wellbeing of residents and workers, but also to the infrastructure of homes, buildings and stores.

What makes Flick Anticimex different?

Flick Anticimex is different as we can cater to both commercial and residential needs. Our expertly trained Flick technicians are fully equipped at handling larger jobs for commercial premises, but also for smaller jobs in residential properties. We aim to use safe, non-toxic materials which are also environmentally friendly. We ensure that your local Flick technician will attempt at eradicating the pests on your property without putting any humans or pets at risk. Contact Flick Anticimex today and book your pest control treatment!

For more information on neighbouring suburbs that we service, check out our Western Sydney page.

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