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Reliable spider control in Sydney

The best and most effective way to control a spider problem is through regular pest control treatments, particularly if you live in Sydney. The frequent rainfall during spring and summer often lead to spiders venturing indoors. Stop minor spikes in the spider population from escalating into full-blown invasions.

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Spider Control in Sydney

Why choose professional spider control?

Spiders can be tricky to control and certain species often hide in difficult to locate places. Regular treatments are essential to keeping the spider population in your home under control.

The key to controlling a spider infestation is to locate their breeding sites. Our Sydney pest technicians are professional spider removalists, who work adhering to Australian pest control standards. They will conduct thorough inspections, ensuring all areas commonly frequented by spiders are to be treated.

Once the treatment begins, we ensure that all offending spiders are exterminated with approved and registered insecticide.

Treatment areas include:

  • All crevices and cracks;
  • Lighting fixtures;
  • Windows and doorways;
  • Downpipes; and
  • Under and around equipment and furniture.
Homes most vulnerable to spider infestations

Feature #1

The home has large gardens and many cracks and crevices on the exterior of the home

Feature #2

Some spiders find dampness in the home appealing, particularly in the walls, basement, sheds and elsewhere. So, homes that are very damp and mildewy are quite vulnerable to spider infestations.

Feature #3

Homes that have attics, basements or other areas where boxes are stored.

Feature #4

Homes that house an abundance of other smaller insects, like flies, ants and moths, as well as other spiders. Spiders are attracted to locations rich in their ideal food supply.

Flick Anticimex Sydney

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Sydney?

  • We will always perform thorough spider inspections prior to applying treatment. Your safety is of the utmost importance to our technicians as they conduct the inspection and treatment. You can rest assured that any harmful spiders are found and properly identified.
  • If spiders are found on your property, our professionally trained Sydney pest controllers will provide appropriate treatment and advice.
  • All of Flick’s technicians are proficient in spider control and provide a wide variety of professional spider solutions.
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