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Pest control in Fairfield

Considered one of the most multicultural suburbs of Sydney, Fairfield welcomes people from all around. But, one thing they shouldn't have to welcome: pests.

With an equal balance of commercial and residential developments, Fairfield is bursting with restaurants, shopping centres, schools and homes. The high traffic areas are most often the hotbed for pest activity, which will also lead pests into neighbouring homes.

What are common pests in Fairfield?

  • Termites are notorious for eating their way through a home with any kind of timber component. As Fairfield is full of houses, townhouses and apartments, residents or strata/property managers must consider reliable termite treatments to protect the integrity of their development and the safety of family or residents.
  • Cockroaches are considered one of the most hated pests and they may just live up to the name as they contaminate food, harbour bad bacteria and more.
  • Rats and mice can be found in any residential or commercial development. Where there are food and shelter, you may be able to find rodents roaming around the roof and in between walls.

What makes Flick Anticimex different?

We're different to other pest control companies as we are able to service at a residential and at a commercial level. Whether you're a homeowner, a property manager, or owner of a commercial development, you can trust Flick Anticimex to handle your pest control problem. We provide online reporting for commercial customers and ensure that residential customers are satisfied with our safe and environmentally friendly pesticide. 

For more information on neighbouring suburbs that we service, check out our South-Western Sydney.

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