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Pest Control in Castle Hill

Tucked next to Kellyville, Bella Vista and Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill was once an area known to be filled with market gardens and orchards.

Now, Castle Hill is home to thousands of families and a number of retail and commercial properties, most notably Castle Towers shopping centre. Unfortunately, Castle Hills is also home to a number of invasive and annoying pests, affecting both homeowners and retailers.

What are the usual pests in the area?

The usual perpetrators of the area include all year round termites and spiders, rodents in the winter, and cockroaches in the spring and summer periods. Not only are these pests annoying to deal with, but cockroaches and rodents are known harbourers of harmful diseases. Termites are also the biggest cause of structural damage to homes and commercial properties!

What makes Flick Anticimex different?

Flick Anticimex promises that your Flick technician is properly trained and strictly adhere to government regulations and industry guidelines. We use 'new generation' pesticide products that are created with the safety and wellbeing of people, non-target species (like pets), and the environment in mind. If the treatment is not working as specified, we provide guarantee/warranty periods. For more information on the terms and conditions for our warranty periods, please contact our staff at 13 14 40. 

So, don't leave your families, staff or customers at risk. Contact Flick Anticimex for your safe and effective pest control needs in the Castle Hill area.

For more information on neighbouring suburbs that we service, check out our Northern Sydney page.

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