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Reliable and effective ant control in Sydney

Sydney is home to a wide variety of pest ant species, all of which may require different treatments for effective control. Understanding their characteristics is vital to tackling ant infestations hence DIY ant control methods may not guarantee any results. Professional ant control is the best avenue to keeping ants out of your home.

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Ant Control for Sydney

Why choose professional ant control?

Reasons you need professional ant control:

  • Ants can ruin foodstuffs and potentially damage appliances, wall cavities and roof voids
  • No matter how clean your home is, ants will still find a reason to relocate indoors

Our Sydney technicians will begin with a thorough inspection of your home to identify the ant species. Following an accurate identification, our experienced technicians will apply the appropriate treatment to eliminate the pest ants. Flick Anticimex Sydney utilises a combination of ant baits, dusts and pesticides. This mixture is determined by our technicians, who are trained in identifying and understanding the patterns of ants found in Sydney homes. The product we use to eradicate ants is dependent on the species to ascertain an effective treatment. The species also determines the placement of our ‘new generation’ ant control product. This means the best ant control treatment should be left to the professionals

Tips for Ant Control

Food Spills

Do not leave ants a chance to detect food spills in your kitchen or living room. Clean up food spills immediately after they happen.

Pet Foods

Do not leave any unconsumed pet food in pet bowls, whether it’s inside or outside of the home (the patio, veranda etc.). Change pet feeding areas regularly.

Inspect the home

Carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your home, looking for cracks and crevices which could possibly allow ants to enter the home. When found, cover them using the appropriate materials.

Trimming Plants

Cut back any plants and trees that are touching the exterior of your home, as these are another avenue for ants to access your home

Flick Anticimex Sydney

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Sydney?

Ant treatments vary according to the species and may include the judicial placement of specific ant baits, the use of pesticide sprays along trails and application of dust in crevices and sweep holes.

Our technicians are trained to identify various ant species and are also adept at handling and applying pesticides in accordance with Australian standards. Our trusted Sydney technicians have protected thousands of Sydney residents and we are able to protect your home too! Call us on 13 14 40 to book your ant control inspection and treatment.

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