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Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Our local Queensland experts supply effective and durable industry-leading termite management systems. Protect your property from termites right at the beginning of construction.

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All Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd (QBCC Act Lic 54798) Timber Pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010) and Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007).

Industry-Leading Termite Management Systems


Today’s environmentally friendly termite control agents, and Termguard’s termite reticulation system are perfect partners. Together, they provide an effective replenishable termite management system that also minimises the total impact on the environment.

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in Queensland, Australia.

All too often, the presence of termites, also known as silent invaders, goes undetected until the damage is done. Though the problem is so severe in Australia, particularly Queensland, most building owners will come to find termite damage is not even covered by most insurance policies. Termguard has the simple solution.

Prevent Attack From Termites

Termguard reticulation systems have been extensively tested, successfully used over the past two decades, and have been specifically designed with the Queensland environment in mind. We offer a long-term termite management and damage prevention system to protect your property.

Our systems continuously deliver termite management agents under and around the building which are inaccessible after constructed, avoiding typical termiticide drift and exposure problems.

Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield System

The Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shield Penetration System provides a cost effective option for builders and building owners. The armoured shields protect slab service penetrations while the perimeter of the structure is protected by the Termguard Perimeter Retreatment System.


Our termite management system, Granitgard has been used in Australia since 1992, has been installed around in excess of 200,000 buildings and has proven to be competitive against other systems. The features and approvals that the system has gained can be summarised as follows:

  • Included in Australian Standard 3660.1 under its own category (section 7) as a deemed-to satisfy system;
  • Certified by the Australian Building Codes Board;
  • Codemark;
  • Approved by all Councils throughout Australia;
  • Natural and environmentally sustainable product with Greensmart and Environmental Labelling Association endorsement;
  • Provides permanent non-chemical protection that does not require re-treatment;
  • Fills the cavity and prevents termites from entering the area, roaming around the internal perimeter, or seeking entry points as they can do with other systems;
  • Backed by a whole-of-building warranty; and
  • Over 90 licensed operators installing the system around Australia.

New buildings can be protected from termites with one treatment of natural, non-toxic Granitgard graded stone physical termite management system. This treatment is easily applied during construction and could save the building from destruction. With a wide range of simple installation methods that are fully approved, Granitgard can protect all common building designs. Granitgard offers long-life, one system termite protection without the worry of toxic chemicals, building schedule delays and on-going re-treatments. Due to the visibility of Granitgard systems, it is easy to determine whether an area has been properly protected.

Granitgard’s flexibility means that it will remain effective when the buildings’ service connections, footings, foundations, and walls expand and contract. Granitgard allows building components to move independently without breaking the termite management system or cracking walls, footings and pipes.

The specially graded and shaped Granitgard stone particles are used in combination with durable termite resistant strip shielding materials to provide a flexible, non-toxic, long-life termite management system. This termite management system protects buildings by blocking concealed termite access and forcing those termites that are trying to enter the building out into the open where they are visible and can be easily eradicated.

Granitgard termite management system does not require replenishment or repairs unless the termite management system has been disturbed, during renovations or plumbing repairs, for example. In situations such as these, contaminated graded stone should be removed and the termite management system topped up to the appropriate level with fresh stone.

This work should only be performed by a licensed Granitgard Installer, like the termite management installers in our Queensland office. Termite shielding may also need to be repaired after renovations or plumbing work. Rest assured, our licensed Granitgard Installer issues new Granitgard Treatment Certificate and Warranty to cover the new work and repairs for Queensland properties.


Flickguard is a flexible physical termite system installed at the time of construction to offer effective and long-term protection against concealed subterranean termite entry. Flickguard is impregnated with deltamethrin and laminated top and bottom with a rugged plastic membrane. The inner blanket forming the core of Flickguard adds to the durability and effectiveness of Flickguard Termite Protection, also ensuring the deltamethrin remains encased preventing leakage.

Flickguard can be installed in many difficult and complicated situations including multiple penetrations, step-downs etc. Flickguard can even be moulded around unusual building designs and is easily cut and joined. Flickguard is quickly installed and has no sharp edges to affect anyone in contact with it. Flickguard termite protection meets all performance criteria of Australian building authorities and Standards and comes with a 50 Year Warranty from the date of installation subject to annual inspections and certain conditions. Flickguard is only installed by authorised Flickguard licensees following strict installation and quality assurance guidelines.


Termspec termite management system is exclusive to Flick Anticimex. Termspec is backed by the US based FMC Corporation whose stringent manufacturing standards ensure Codemark's 50 year durability requirements are met.

One real benefit of the Termspec installation process is it's transparency when it comes to reporting. Flick Anticimex custom designed app provides instant reporting via tablet technology direct from the construction site.

Termspec termite management system offers the homeowner reassurance because it is backed by the Termspec $1,000,000 Peace of Mind Warranty.

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