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Reliable spider control in Melbourne

The infamous Melbourne weather can make it hard for residents to adopt DIY spider control spider methods. The best way to remove spiders from your property is by using a trusted pest controller who understands the behavioural patterns of common pest spiders. The team at Flick Anticimex is the trusted choice for Melbourne residents.

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Spider Control in Melbourne

Why choose professional spider control?

An inspection conducted by one of our local Melbourne technicians is the first step to effective spider control. The Flick Anticimex technician will check all regular spider hiding spots, as well as other areas of vulnerability. Spiders are particularly good at discovering the best hiding spots and avoiding discovery. They like to hide in shady areas, particularly when it is hot outside, between storeys, drains, subfloors, roof voids and grease traps.

Following a thorough assessment, the technician will treat the infested area/s with a registered and approved insecticide, applying the chemical according to Australian standards. Regular maintenance of your property will ensure that the spiders are kept away from your home. The frequency of our maintenance services will vary depending on environmental factors.

Homes most vulnerable to spider infestations

Feature #1

The home has large gardens and many cracks and crevices on the exterior of the home

Feature #2

Some spiders find dampness in the home appealing, particularly in the walls, basement, sheds and elsewhere. So, homes that are very damp and mildewy are quite vulnerable to spider infestations.

Feature #3

Homes that have attics, basements or other areas where boxes are stored.

Feature #4

Homes that house an abundance of other smaller insects, like flies, ants and moths, as well as other spiders. Spiders are attracted to locations rich in their ideal food supply.

Flick Anticimex Melbourne

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Melbourne?

  • Flick Anticimex has been protecting Melbourne residents since 1918. Our expertise and history in the pest control industry are unrivalled.
  • Our spider inspections are very thorough, and our Flick technicians are always open to giving customers advice and tips to complement the pest control treatment.
  • We can assure Melbourne residents that the spider treatment implemented is the most appropriate for your home and safe to its surrounding environment.
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