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Trusted Cockroach Control in Melbourne

Cockroaches are extremely elusive and practically indestructible. This is bad news for Melbourne residents because DIY cockroach control is not sufficient. Cockroaches are able to gain access through openings in your home and goods being imported, like groceries or packages. 

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Cockroach Control for Melbourne

Why choose professional cockroach control?

From there, they will spread out, looking for spaces to provide for their three basic needs:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Warmth

Cockroach control in Melbourne is simple with Flick Anticimex. Our Melbourne technicians are thoroughly trained in cockroach control and specialise in uncovering common cockroach hiding spots. Our highly skilled technicians will conduct an inspection to apply pesticides and traps in selected vulnerable areas to achieve an effective result. Through a combination of cockroach monitoring traps, pesticides, regular maintenance and customer compliance, you can rest assured that the cockroaches in your home are exterminated and kept away!

Tips for Cockroach Control


Take all cleaning and washing up seriously, particularly when it is hot and humid outside. Ensure no dishes are left in the sink overnight, and rubbish is disposed of in secure garbage bins outside.

Food Storage

Don't leave any wet foods outside overnight. Keep all food in airtight containers and ensure that crumbs or food debris aren't left on the kitchen counter, dining table etc.

Garbage and Compost

Ensure garbage and compost containers are emptied often (and have tightly closing lids), as food, moisture and decomposition lure cockroaches. 

Pet Food and Water

Avoid leaving pets' water and food out inside the home, especially at room temperature, unless absolutely necessary. 

Cracks and Gaps

Ensure all cracks, crevices and gaps around pipes and other penetrations on the walls of your home are promptly sealed. 

Incoming Goods

Inspect any bags, packaging or boxes thoroughly before allowing them into your home. This is a common avenue that brings cockroaches into the home as they travel in boxes/packages from the warehouse, factory etc.

Flick Anticimex Brisbane

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Brisbane?

Flick Anticimex is unrivalled in providing reliable and safe pest control for Brisbane residents. Our cockroach control services have protected thousands of Brisbane families from the dangers of cockroach infestations. Have peace of mind knowing that our licensed technicians use ‘new generation’ pesticides approved and registered to Australian standards.

We also have a keen focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our technicians will happily advise you on preventative practices so your cockroach control treatment can work at its best.

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