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Reliable and effective ant control in Melbourne

Ant control is essential irrespective of the severity of the infestation. Understanding the behavioural patterns of ants will help you determine when and why ants decide to invade your home. Contrary to common belief, cleanliness is not a factor for ant invasions. As long as there are foodstuffs inside your home, you will be at risk.

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Ant Control for Melbourne

Why choose professional ant control?

Flick Anticimex’s ant control service is effective because our Melbourne technicians follow a stringent procedure in all pest control services. They begin with the initial inspection to determine the ant species and hot spots. This information helps dictate the following treatment method and a combination of ant control products.

The treatment will consist of a combination of chemical sprays and ant baits. Chemical treatments can either be in liquid or dust form, while the bait is an extremely effective ant control tool. We advise all Melbourne residential customers to have patience, as our ant control service need regular maintenance. This is the best, long-term way to keep the ants away!

Tips for Ant Control

Food Spills

Do not leave ants a chance to detect food spills in your kitchen or living room. Clean up food spills immediately after they happen.

Pet Foods

Do not leave any unconsumed pet food in pet bowls, whether it’s inside or outside of the home (the patio, veranda etc.). Change pet feeding areas regularly.

Inspect the home

Carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your home, looking for cracks and crevices which could possibly allow ants to enter the home. When found, cover them using the appropriate materials.

Trimming Plants

Cut back any plants and trees that are touching the exterior of your home, as these are another avenue for ants to access your home

Flick Anticimex Melbourne

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Melbourne?

  • Ants are a nuisance to the home. They can ruin foodstuffs and potentially damage roof voids, wall cavities and electrical appliances in your home.
  • Flick Anticimex has been the trusted Melbourne pest control company for over 90 years. We provide Australian families with peace of mind when it comes to household pests.
  • We believe effective and reliable ant control can only be provided by a pest control company who understands the patterns of different ant species. Choosing Flick Anticimex ensures that the ant problem on your property is kept at bay.
  • Call Flick Anticimex now at (07) 3373 7744 and book your ant inspection with one of our Brisbane technicians.
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