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Pest Control Chinchilla & Dalby

Our local pest controllers provide safe and effective pest control services in Chinchilla and Dalby, with Flick being a trusted household name in Queensland for decades.

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All Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd (QBCC Act lic 54798) Timber Pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010) and Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007).

Located in Chinchilla, we provide pest control to homes and businesses all over Chinchilla including:

  • Woleebee
  • Glenmorgan
  • Dalby

We have a local team of experts who know your area and are able to provide a safe and effective pest treatment for your home.

In September 2016, Flick Anticimex merged with Amalgamated Pest Control (APC) and the existing APC offices now operate as one Flick team!

Give one of our Chinchilla team a call on 07 4662 7082, where we can arrange a pest inspection and quote you a competitive price.

Common Pests in Chinchilla


Both Chinchilla and the Sunshine Coast are considered termite prone areas with homes at high risk.

Termites and borers can cause significant structural damage to any buildings constructed of timber and cellulose material. Early detection and preventative inspections carried out on the property can reduce the cost of repairs.

Inspections should be performed every 3 to 12 months on Chinchilla homes, depending on the amount of wood used in the construction of the home, and if there have been termite issues in the past.

Following an inspection, the technician will provide a detailed treatment or prevention program and quotation; which may include recommendations for monitoring, baiting systems, chemical soil treatments and termite colony location and eradication.

Termite colonies can be found hidden in timber wall frames and roofs. They eat the timber frames and any wood or cellulose found in and around your house. You should engage one of our experts to perform a termite inspection and subsequent treatment on your home. 

It’s a good idea to prevent termites with a liquid perimeter treatment to protect your home before they become a problem. Recent flooding has meant this should be repeated to maintain protection.

When purchasing a property, one of the first things you should do is a pest inspection.
A termite inspection by one of our professionals could save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Termite infestations can cause structural damage to a house and be expensive to repair if not picked up early on.


The Redback spider is common in and around Chinchilla. Our team can come out and perform a spider control treatment to keep them out of your home.

Your Flick technician will treat cracks and crevices, under seating, around downpipes, lighting, doorways, as well as external window areas. This will prevent them increasing in number and invading your home.

Call our Chinchilla team for effective spider control to protect your home on 07 4662 7082.


Both Australian and American cockroaches are common in Chinchilla as well as the smaller German cockroach which likes to invade electrical appliances. The droppings of cockroaches can aggravate allergies and Asthma symptoms. They can be difficult to eradicate without a proper fumigation treatment.

Our team uses a combination of cockroach bait gels and low toxic formulations of pesticide fumigation. This provides a safe long-term cockroach control solution.

Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice thrive in tropical climates and Chinchilla is no exception. Commonly found in homes living in roofs and wall cavities. Rats can cause an enormous amount of damage as they chew through everything looking for food and nesting sites, and leave droppings that can be a health hazard.

If your house is within a few blocks of restaurants or other food-related businesses, there is a higher risk of rat infestations.

Flick Anticimex's Chinchilla pest control team houses for rats and mice and provide commercial rodent control for restaurants and related businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Chinchilla team offers a range of pest control services to deal with a number of other household pests including:

  • Flies
  • Birds
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Bed Bugs 

Chinchilla Service Area

Flick Anticimex provides pest control to households across all of Chinchilla and further East to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds including the following Brisbane suburbs.

  • Woleebee
  • Glenmorgan
  • Taroom
  • St George

Services We Provide

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