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Reliable and effective ant control in Brisbane

Ants are a common household pest for Brisbane residents. The cleanliness of your home does not guarantee ants will stay away. These critters are determined and resilient when it comes to finding food for the colony. One colony can have anywhere between 300-2,000 workers whose aim is to serve the queen. Many people are not aware that these colonies aren’t just found in the yard! Ants, like the black house ant, are able to establish small colonies inside your home.

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Ant Control for Brisbane

Why choose professional ant control?

Professional ant control is about eradicating the ants in your home and deterring any future ants. The best way to do this is by using a professional and trusted pest control company.

At Flick Anticimex, we have professionally trained and licensed technicians. They are able to identify ant species and subsequently choose the most appropriate ant control method. This method will include a combination of chemicals and traps, tailored to the ant species and other environmental factors. We recommend follow up treatments as this will be the best way to combat future ant colonies as they appear.

Tips for Ant Control

Food Spills

Do not leave ants a chance to detect food spills in your kitchen or living room. Clean up food spills immediately after they happen.

Pet Foods

Do not leave any unconsumed pet food in pet bowls, whether it’s inside or outside of the home (the patio, veranda etc.). Change pet feeding areas regularly.

Inspect the home

Carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your home, looking for cracks and crevices which could possibly allow ants to enter the home. When found, cover them using the appropriate materials.

Trimming Plants

Cut back any plants and trees that are touching the exterior of your home, as these are another avenue for ants to access your home

Flick Anticimex Brisbane

Why should you choose Flick Anticimex Brisbane?

  • Ants are annoying and pervasive, especially when they continue raiding your home. Flick Anticimex Brisbane is able to ease your frustration by using our professional and proven ant control methods.
  • These methods have been improved since we started protecting Australian families in 1918. Thankfully, you can trust our technicians as they are trained to international standards and regularly undergo retraining of pest knowledge.
  • Flick Anticimex and Amalgamated Pest Control are household names in the Brisbane area. Rest assured, working with us means working with the two of the best in the Australian pest control industry. Our proven history of satisfied customers shows that you can find peace of mind with us.
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