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Guard your gutters with Flick Anticimex

Debris and pests damage can become quite costly on the home. Protect the integrity of your home/business and save yourself from costly structural fees. Trust the gutter guards installed by your local pest control professionals. Flick Anticimex's gutter guards, Gutter Shield Protection System comes in two types of material, both made to withstand adverse weather conditions and the intense Australian UV rays. Contact your Adelaide Flick Anticimex branch today and see how you can protect your home from possums, birds, mice, leaves and debris.

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Gutter Guard Services


Gutters free of leaves & debris

Blocked gutters and downpipes cause costly damage. Water damage caused by moisture build-up requires very expensive repair and replacement services. Excess moisture build-up might also attract termites to your home, as they thrive in moist environments. 


Pest qualified & resistant

The material of our gutter guards is designed to withstand chewing or gnawing by rats, possums, and birds. In addition, should any pest control issues arise, the technician who installed your gutter guard is also able to conduct the necessary pest control treatment.


Clean rainwater collection

Rainwater is easily contaminated with the presence of dead animals on your roof or in your gutters. Ensure the collected rainwater is suitable for drinking and everyday use. Our gutter guards can give you peace of mind!

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