Making a change in pest control

Targeted (reactive) pest treatments versus traditional (preventative) pest treatments

Traditional pest control in Australia has been a whole-of-home approach where, whether there is a problem or not, all areas of a home are treated. This has resulted in the excess use of pesticides, extra costs in both time and money and the potential and unnecessary chemical exposure for you your family and the environment. Flick Express is changing how you think about pest control.

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At Flick Express

We are making a change in pest control, utilising the ‘targeted’ method, which is becoming increasingly popular overseas.

If you find a pest in your home we will identify the pest, confirm harbourage area or areas, and use low doses of a smart pesticide to ensure eradication of the pest.

Our next step in the treatment process is to educate the homeowner on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is all about making small changes to the environment or cultural practices to ensure the risk of reinfestation is reduced. A good example of IPM in its basic form is to move any leftover pet food inside overnight instead of leaving it on the back veranda where often rodents will feed on it. Another is to fit or repair flyscreens on windows to stop or reduce the number of spiders entering the home.

Benefits of using Flick Express include:

✓ Effective, low odour & volume products
✓ safe for pets and people
✓ environmentally friendly
✓ we’ll treat what we see
✓ targeted treatment for your home
✓ trusted pest technicians

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