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Darwin Washroom & Hygiene Service

Are you looking for a cost-effective washroom and hygiene solution? Well, look no further - simply call Flick Anticimex to receive a FREE quote for your washroom!

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Workplace hygience is essential for staff health, safety and productivity. Give your staff the luxury of working in an environment that is free from bacteria and health hazards.

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Washroom Services
Hygiene Consumables

Don't let you washroom fall to the wayside in Northern Territory's tropical capital city. Washroom hygiene is just as important as any other facility in your business; maintaining poor hygiene and ignoring regular maintenance of your urinals and WCs is a huge risk. The risks of improper washroom hygiene are reduced productivity; raise in the spread of illness; and reduced wellbeing of employees.

Relieve your customers and staff from having to use unpleasant washrooms with the help of Flick Anticimex. We provide an extensive range of services and products to keep your washroom fresher and cleaner.

Our stylish range includes:

  • Sanitary bins (manual & automatic)
  • Anti-bacterial toilet seat dispensers
  • Air freshener dispensers
  • Anti-bacterial hand sprays
  • Urinal & WC sanitising


  • Bacterial treatments (urinal & WC)
  • Soap dispenser service
  • Hand dryers/air management systems
  • Nappy disposal units
  • Biological water saving solutions

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