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Pest Control for the Transport Industry

Don't leave your transport patrons at risk of harmful diseases associated with pests and unhygienic washrooms any longer!

Need pest control/washroom for your transport facility?

Pest control and washroom hygiene are important to maintain satisfied customers, but more importantly, ensure the safety of your patrons. The level of foot traffic in transportation facilities, like bus depots, airports, train stations, and ferry ports is extremely high and you cannot risk the dangers associated with pests and unhygienic washrooms.

Pest control and washroom hygiene problems are daily struggles for those in the transport industry

What are the consequences of a pest infestation?

Thousands frequent train platforms, wharves, airport terminals and their washrooms every day, while staff are frequently walking in and out of onsite offices and depots. In the midst of this chaos, numerous people will be eating, drinking and discarding rubbish. This is perfect for pests who are in desperate search for a food and water source.

However, it’s less than a perfect situation for your public transport patrons. Pests like cockroaches, birds, and rodents are known to be carriers of diseases and harmful bacteria that could potentially affect the health of your customers. In addition, the presence of spiders, cockroaches, and rodents are often a cause for alarm and easily unsettles customers.

Similarly, airports are susceptible to rodent and bird infestations. With onsite restaurants, food retail stores, washrooms and other pest hot spots, rats can easily gain access inside airport facilities. In addition, birds frequently flock to airports due to the unused land that surrounds the airport. At Flick Anticimex, we acknowledge that birds are a beautiful part of Australian fauna, particularly native species; however, to protect both airport patrons and birds, you must employ safe and effective preventative bird measures.

Give your patrons peace of mind by employing professional and reliable pest control services. At Flick Anticimex, we offer a variety of control solutions for your certain pest problem. We are able to install bird netting, spikes, and shock systems for pest birds; rodent bait stations for rats and mice; as well as baits and sprays for creepy crawlies. To inquire further, call us at 13 14 40!

What are the consequences of an unclean washroom?

Equally important as pest control is washroom hygiene. An unclean or improperly equipped washroom in train stations and airports leaves customers unhappy and complaining. Avoid both while protecting their health by employing Flick Anticimex’s wide range of premium washroom and hygiene solutions. To tamper-proof product dispensers and superior hygiene consumables, you will find everything your washroom needs at Flick. We also provide regular servicing, providing you with a complete washroom servicing experience.

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex has been servicing Australian residential and commercial customers since 1918. Our long history and utmost professionalism have led us to be the largest and one of the leading pest control companies in Australia. We provide washroom and pest control solutions to approximately 17,000 businesses and even more residential customers. So, whether it be you are in dire need of pest control or premium washroom and hygiene solutions, we can help you help your customers.

Contact us today; call 1300 65 65 31 for our washroom solutions or 13 14 40 for our pest control solutions.

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