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Pest Control for the Tourism Industry

Hotels, motels, hostels, inns and cruise ships are not immune to pest invasions, especially since they're the third most popular place to find bed bugs!

Need pest control/washroom hygiene services in tourism?

Satisfied guests represent your good reputation! Prevent damage before it's too late! Each hotel operator strives to provide guests with an unforgettable and relaxing stay. However, that will soon come to an end if unwanted guests, such as bed bugs, mice, rats, roaches or flies appear on the scene. 

Flick Anticimex caters to the pest control and washroom needs of tourist establishments

What are the consequences of pest infestation?

In the worst case scenario, leaving pests to overtake your premises means that the safety and wellbeing of customers, your brand reputation and sales are put in danger. You could be seeing a drop in guest numbers, a damaged and poor reputation as well as high costs to eliminate the damage.

Some hotels and motels are part of the HACCP program, but this varies for each establishment. Generally, there are legal requirements that must be adhered to depending on local council requirements. Flick Anticimex understands the need for a pristine and welcoming premise, and nothing says unwelcoming louder than pests crawling around your lobby, kitchen, guest rooms or your washrooms.

What are the consequences of an unclean washroom?

In addition, our washroom and hygiene solutions help you avoid the consequences of a grimy washroom, including harm to your reputation, increase in bacteria build up, stronger emission of bad smelling odours and pipe blockages.

What are the areas of the hotel most at risk?

Your worst offenders are bed bugs in the bedroom; cockroaches, rats and mice, and ants in the kitchen; and birds, rats and mice, ants, and possums outside (porches, decks, entrance area, pool area etc.).

How can Flick Anticimex help?

We believe that your customers deserve the best from you and that you deserve the best from us. When a Flick Anticimex service or treatment is conducted, you can rest assured that our expert technicians are always complying with Federal and State legislation governing trade practices. We ensure comprehensive WHS and Environmental Processes and Procedures are complied with and that all our services are standardised and traceable. Finally, we can help your company by equipping you with a dedicated account manager who will personally assist you from when you first receive a quote from us to the post-treatment stage.

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