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Pest Control for Sport, Fitness & Recreation Industries

Many sports, fitness and recreational facilities suffer when their hygiene is left to the wayside. Impress your customers with premium washroom hygiene solutions courtesy of Flick Anticimex.

Need washroom or pest solutions for your gym?

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in sports, fitness and recreational facilities. Customers are reluctant to use unhygienic work out equipment and under-equipped washrooms. Many gyms, fitness centres, and recreational facilities experience harsh customer feedback, which reflects badly on their brand. Flick Anticimex can provide you with premium washroom solutions, ensuring your brand reputation remains pristine and your customers remain satisfied.

Sport, Fitness and Recreational facilities should have washroom and pest control as top priority

What are the consequences of a pest infestation?

As sport, fitness and recreational facilities don't keep food on the premise, some might believe that pest control is not a top priority. However, as gyms and sporting facilities can become quite humid, cockroaches may be attracted to create a nest within your building. Plus, if you're situated in a busy district, with surrounding restaurants and cafes, cockroaches shouldn't be overlooked. It only takes a few cockroach sightings to signify a larger, unseen problem that can cause alarm for customers.

What are the consequences of an unclean washroom?

Hygiene should be high-priority for sporting, fitness and recreational facilities due to the bacteria associated with sweat. Sweat, or specifically the bacteria in it, is the source of body odour which can cause quite a lingering stink. In addition, this bacteria and other germs can cause infections and other illnesses. Common gym germs include:

  • klebsiella - causes urinary tract infections and pneumonia;
  • E. coli - causes cramps. diarrhea, vomiting and can even lead to pneumonia;
  • staphylococcus aureus - causes skin infections;
  • and more! 

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex has a vast number of satisfied washroom customers. We provide washroom and pest control solutions to approximately 17,000 businesses and even more residential customers. We can offer a variety of premium washroom solutions that protect your gym members, whether it's on the gym floor, in the reception area, or in the showers and washrooms. Combat harmful bacteria with our bacterial treatments; eradicate bad odours with our wide range of air fresheners; and equip unhygienic work out stations with our mobile sanitisers. Flick Anticimex even offers a special no touch equipment sanitiser station package for our gym, fitness and recreational customers. So, reduce the spread of bugs and bacteria among gym members by contacting us today. Call 1300 65 65 31 for our washroom solutions or 13 14 40 for our pest control solutions.

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