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Pest Control for Retail & Wholesale Industries

Retail and wholesale stores like small businesses, department stores, and supermarkets are not exempt from pest invasions.

Need pest control for retail & wholesale businesses?

Your customers deserve only the best.  Retailers like small businesses, department stores, and supermarkets. Your business must not be affected by pest infestations. Lose no time: protect your business from intruders and opt for Flick Anticimex as your partner in pest control and washroom hygiene maintenance.

Flick Anticimex technician work safely and efficiently to remove the pests in your store

What are the consequences of a pest infestation?

If you own a food processing or retail business, insects in your stocks (beetles, moths, and larvae), flies and rodents may be attracted by your stocks and goods to invest as well as contaminate them with their excrements. Mice can cause significant damage to buildings as they have an incessant need to chew their way through anything they find; this includes the electrical wires in your store.

Retail businesses that do not deal with foodstuffs are not as affected by the above-mentioned pests, yet flies, rats or mice may still be attracted and gain access to the building, for instance, if food is frequently left in the employee canteen.

Retailers or wholesalers are not inclined to adhere to strict pest control legal requirements unless they have chosen to be a part of the HACCP program, a program that aims to reduce the risk of food hazards.

What are the consequences of an unclean washroom?

The consequence of having an unclean washroom is evident by the number of customers willing to use your facility. An unclean washroom, harbouring bad bacteria and emitting unpleasant odours is never good for a retailer’s reputation. Retail and wholesale staff also suffer from unclean and under-equipped washroom as it reduces morale and encourages the spread of viruses like the common cold (reducing productivity).

What are areas of retail stores most at risk?

  • Shared staff facilities, such as lavatories, canteens, changing rooms
  • Facilities in which foodstuff is prepared or sold
  • Storage facilities
  • Parking facilities
  • Waste collection areas

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex has a long history of working with retailers and wholesalers, providing them with their pest control and washroom needs. With 90 plus years’ experience in pest control, we know what works for your environment and what doesn’t. We comply with rigorous auditing methodologies and service delivery model for pest management. The most important feature we provide is a personalised account manager who joins you on your Flick Anticimex journey, starting from when you receive your first quote until the post-treatment stage.

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