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Pest Control for Offices

There is no room for pests in the office. Office staff and visitors shouldn’t be greeted by creepy crawlies in the kitchen, bathroom or general work area.

Need pest control/washroom hygiene services for the office?

Not only are pests a sign of irregular maintenance, but a pest problem impacts on your brand's reputation and the overall perceived level of care you maintain for your office staff.

Flick Anticimex works hard to protect your office from pest invasions

What are the consequences of a pest infestation?

Pest infestations mean that foods not properly stored can potentially harbour pests. Some pests, in particular, are damaging to the office property and the well-being of your office staff/visitors. Pests like cockroaches and rodents are known harbourers of bad bacteria which can contribute to a variety of sicknesses and illnesses.

Bad bacteria are also harboured in washrooms that lack regular maintenance. Irregularly maintenance washrooms harbour virus/illness related bacteria, which encourage the spread of disease amongst employees.

Employers do not have to abide by strict pest control regulations, but unless they want to face complaints from their office workers, it's best to call Flick Anticimex to take care of your pest control and washroom hygiene needs.

What are the consequences of an unhygienic washroom?

In addition, an unclean washroom is just as distressing as pest invasion in the office. Messy washrooms that emit malodours and are unpleasant to use will reduce productivity and employee morale. This contributes to staff absenteeism which is counterproductive and costly. Washrooms that aren’t fitted with the needed hygiene consumables are also bad practice for office managers.

What are the areas of the office most at risk?

The facilities most at risk during a pest invasion include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Electrical room or any room holding a large number of cables
  • Structure of the office building

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex encourages transparency and shared knowledge between a personalised Flick account manager and your management team and staff. We provide you with an account manager who will be there for you starting from when you receive a quote from us, right up until your post-treatment period. Our expert technicians provide standardised, traceable services and rigorous compliance and auditing methodologies.

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