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Pest Control for Manufacturing & Logistics Industries

Manufacturing companies produce anything from tobacco to machinery; from furniture to cosmetics.

Need pest control for your warehouse/factory?

Factory and warehouse management should always strive towards providing first-class quality products. This means that your business cannot be affected by pest infestations. On the other hand, logistics is focused on storing moving goods that can’t be compromised by harmful pests. Don’t slow down logistics by allowing a pest infestation to get out of hand! Whether it is containers, warehouses or factories, Flick Anticimex has the answer to solve the pest problem in your logistics company.

Lose no time: protect your products from intruders and opt for Flick Anticimex as your partner in pest control and food safety as well as hygiene.

Flick Anticimex understand where pests hide in manufacturing/logistic warehouses and factories

What are the consequences of pest infestation/lack of washroom hygiene?

Food/perishable industry:

The food industry is subject to high-quality requirements and strict stipulations must be complied with to guarantee food safety. An infestation of common pest foods in your stocks, like mice, rats, roaches, flies etc. pose health risks.

Food/perishable manufacturers and logistics are required to comply with the legal requirements for pest control as outlined in the Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) program. This program outlines the seven principles that must be adhered to by businesses/organisations who are part of the HACCP program. The principles cover the areas of:

  1. hazard analysis;
  2. critical control points;
  3. critical limits;
  4. critical control monitoring;
  5. corrective action (after hazard/s arise);
  6. procedures (ensuring HACCP is followed); and
  7. record keeping

Non-food/non-perishables industry:

All retailers who provide goods to customers are held to a certain product regulatory code. Allowing pests that destroy your products are non-negotiable. Pests like silverfish, rats and mice, stored product pests, and moths can potentially ruin the integrity of your products. Many pests carry diseases, parasites or bacteria that are easily transferable. Pests also contaminate your products and packaging with hair and excrement. Delivering contaminated products to customers may have significant, negative influences on your reputation. Your infrastructure (e.g. wiring and walls), as well as your stocks, are also permanently damaged by rats and mice, thus posing a fire risk.

General manufacturing and logistics are not required to comply with any set of regulations when it comes to pest control maintenance. Yet, if there are eating areas, kitchenettes, kitchens etc. on the premises, you must generally comply with the legal requirements set out by local government.

What are the areas of your warehouse/factory most at risk?

  • Production facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Staff facilities (break rooms, changing rooms, sanitary facilities)
  • Parking facilities
  • Waste collection areas

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex has a long history of working together with manufacturers, providing them with personalised pest control and/or washroom hygiene solutions. Whether you utilise a warehouse or a factory, our pest technicians know what best protects your property. An account manager will also be attributed to you to provide total transparency between Flick Anticimex and your company. Regular meetings and management/staff training will be issued as we ensure that all parties have a shared knowledge of the situation. Your account manager is dedicated to providing assistance from the moment you receive a quote till the post-treatment period.

We also service full containers, loose cargo loads, ships and silos with our Fumigation services. We understand the need for tailored services, so as an accredited pest control company, we have a number of solutions that will suit any bulk fumigation request. We also provide fumigant gas monitoring services. For more information on our fumigation services, click here.

Our new SMART systems are particularly suitable for protecting your products, files and property infrastructure. SMART traps very effectively and sustainably exterminate mice and rats without the use of poison. Thanks to SMART systems your production facilities are ideally protected from mice and rats, even in hard-to-reach areas. With new technologies, we minimise our customers' risks, protect production and employees as well as cut costs. Click here for more information about our SMART systems!

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