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Pest Control for Local Governments

Pests and unclean washrooms have no place in local government buildings, museums, natural and heritage listings and the general local community.

Need pest control/washroom hygiene help in your community?

The pest control issues that terrorise local government body properties are just as diverse as the communities they support. Allow Flick Anticimex, your trusted local pest control company assist in eradicating the harmful pests invading your premises and also support your washrooms for a cleaner and fresher washroom.

Flick Anticimex is dedicated to servicing the pest control and washroom hygiene needs of your local community

What are the consequences of pest infestation/lack of washroom hygiene?

The local governing body have a duty to protect the community, developments, and people in their local area. The consequences of leaving pest control to the wayside include the spread of harmful bacteria that can result in outspread of viruses (like the common cold), asthma, hay fever and more. Community backlash is not uncommon if they believe that their community is deteriorating due to the properties and the general landscape of their community being overrun by pests like rats and mice, cockroaches, bees/wasps, snakes and possums.

Lack of washroom hygiene in government buildings can also reduce the productivity of staff, encourage the spread of harmful bacteria, and reduce morale amongst the general community. Your reputation may be on the line; don’t let your community be overrun by harmful pests, foul smells and bad bacteria.

What are areas of the local community most at risk?

  • Public washroom facilities
  • Canteens/kitchen areas
  • Council and government establishments
  • Storage facilities
  • Parking facilities/bicycle storage facilities
  • Parks and children’s playgrounds

How can Flick Anticimex help?

Flick Anticimex wants to ensure the safety and protection of your community. We believe in working together with you personally, so we provide an account manager in charge of your account. From the moment you receive a quote to the post-treatment period, our account manager will maintain total transparency and share our pest control and washroom hygiene knowledge with management and staff.

Our new SMART systems are perfect for busy government workers who are experiencing a rodent problem.  We’ve created an effective and sustainable extermination method to eradicate the mice and rats on your property without the use of poison. Thanks to SMART systems your local government facilities are ideally protected from mice and rats, even in hard-to-reach areas. Click here for more information about our SMART systems!

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