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Education Industry

From preschools to primary schools to high schools, Flick Anticimex is dedicated to providing your students with safe and hygienic teaching environments. Protect your school from pests and unclean washrooms with the help from Flick Anticimex.

Need pest control/washroom hygiene for school grounds?

Flick Anticimex knows schools, so trust us to treat your school grounds for pests

What are the consequences of pest infestation/lack of washroom hygiene?

School grounds are ideal for pests, both in terms of finding food and a warm nesting site. When your children eat their packed lunch or fruit, they leave residue throughout school premises. Consequently, rodents, ants and flies will always find something to feed on in and around classrooms meaning pest control is of the utmost importance. While ants and flies mainly contaminate the environment with their excrement, rodents cause structural damage to facilities and may also transfer diseases, parasites or bacteria, harmful to staff and students.

In addition, the harmful bacteria living in school washrooms pose as another risk for students and staff. Many students, especially young children, are ignorant to the dangers of an unclean washroom. Invest in both professional pest prevention and washroom hygiene services to save considerable expenses required to deal with cases of pest infestation and unsanitary washroom facilities.

What are areas of educational institutes most at risk?

  • Classrooms
  • Playground
  • School canteen
  • Facilities in which food is prepared or processed
  • Storage facilities
  • Parking facilities/bicycle storage facilities

How can Flick Anticimex help?

If you trust Flick Anticimex to keep your campus clean, you can rest assured that we comply with WHS and Environmental Processes and Procedures; we rigorously comply with auditing methodologies; we deliver standardised and traceable pest control and washroom hygiene services; and we appoint an account manager to your organisation to answer your questions, regularly update you and more.

For troublesome rodent problems, our new SMART systems are particularly suitable for educational facilities as SMART traps very effectively and sustainably exterminate mice and rats without the use of poison. Thanks to SMART systems your educational facilities are ideally protected from mice and rats, even in hard-to-reach areas. With this new technology, we minimise risk to your students, protect educational facilities and employees, as well as cut costs for future potential rodent damage. Click here for more information about our SMART systems!

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