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Urinal and WC Sanitisers

Dangerous bacteria can become airborne after a toilet is flushed and the urinal surfaces and WC seats can become potentially high risk areas for faecal contamination. Flick Anticimex Urinal and WC Sanitisers offer a trusted solution for a clean and healthy toilet and urinal area.

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Sanitising units are made from resistant ABS Plastic and designed for reliability and durability offering an effective hygienic sanitising solution. The sanitising system cleans, sanitises and deodorises with every flush of the urinal and WC.

Features and benefits of the Urinals and WC Sanitisers

  • Sanitiser fluid leaves a protective coating on the urinal and WC surfaces after each flush thus ensuring that the bacteria and cross-contamination are eliminated.
  • Cost effective 24/7 solution, the anti-bacterial sanitiser fluid helps prevent staining and build-up of uric acid.
  • Sanitisers can either be mounted externally or internally concealed in the cistern depending on the type of flush valve.

Bio tabs

Bio Tabs are perfectly designed to be in contact with liquids in the urinals regardless of the amount of water that is flushed through the system.

Features and benefits of the Bio tabs

  • More effective than standard urinal cakes.
  • Bio tabs release active ingredients gradually to reduce coagulation within the trap which can cause blockages and odour.

 Flick Anticimex helps you promote a fresher and cleaner washroom, starting with your WC/urinal

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