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Urinal Screens & Bio Tabs

The combination of our Urinal Screens and Bio Tabs ensure a urinal free from smells and long term build up problems.

Urinals are a common breeding ground for bad odours due to the uric salt build-up, which in turn causes a distinctly unpleasant odour. In addition, garbage and debris can often be placed in urinals, particularly in high foot traffic environments, causing blockage in your washroom popes.

We offer two complementary forms of urinal hygiene; urinal screens and bio tabs.

V-Screen® Urinal Screen

V-Screen® Anti Splash Urinal Screen fits over the drain or in the urinal and acts as a net to catch debris such as chewing gum, paper, and other refuse. Incorporated within the V-Screen® is a malodour eliminating substance which has the ability to deodorise smells that may exist within the urinal for up to 30 days. Available in various fragrances.

Ecomat Urinal Screen

The revolutionary design of the Ecomat releases beneficial enzymatic bacteria with every flush. Removing and preventing uric acid scale build-up, reducing the need for strong harmful chemicals. The Ecomat is better for the environment compared with normal PVC screens. The Ecomat cleans as well as deodorises and freshens urinals for a full 30 days. This product is 100% biodegradable and flexible to fit most urinals, even waterless urinals.

Airworks Urinal Screen

Airworks® Urinal Screens are made of flexible EVA material, providing fresh bursts of fragrance with use, Avoid offensive splashing inside and around the urinal. Able to be used dry and wet, these Urinal Screens offer continuous odour control over the course of 30 days keeping your urinal smelling fresh. Also prevents debris from entering into pipes which causes clogging and expensive repair bills.

BioTab Urinal Sanitiser

BioTab Urinal Sanitiser is more effective than standard urinal cakes due to the units only releasing active ingredient gradually to reduce coagulation within the trap which can cause blockages and odour. It is environmentally friendly and works on organic waste. Comes in a pleasant, subtle fragrance. 120mm in diameter.

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