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Urinal Screens & Bio Tabs

The combination of our Urinal Screens and Bio Tabs ensure a urinal free from smells and long term build up problems.

Our Bio Tabs and Urinal Screens are perfectly designed to be in contact with liquids in the urinals regardless of the amount of water that is flushed through the system.

Urinal Screens

Urinals are a common breeding ground for bad odours due to the uric salt build up. The use of urinal screens keeps drains and urinal free flowing. In combination with our effective Bio Tabs, your urinal will be problem and odour free between washroom cleaning visits.

Benefits of our Urinal Screens

  • Comes in a refreshing fragrance that lasts up to 30 days
  • Unique web design prevents even the smallest debris from falling through, which could have potentially caused drain blockages
  • Service handle aids quick and easy replacement
  • Hygienic and safe installation and disposal
  • Fluid activated fragrance burst which increases on fluid contact
  • Unique anti-slip feature
For more information, feel free to download our Urinal Screen product cards.
Our Urinal Screens perfectly capture small debris to avoid urinal blockage and build up

Bio Tabs

The tabs have been formulated to reduce odour problems, blockages in urinals, constant flushing, and regular cleaning maintenance. The screens have been designed to catch any debris that may fall into the drain or urinal and also emits a pleasant fragrance. Maintain a fresh smelling urinal for your customers and staff - they'll surely thank you for it.

Benefits of our Bio Tabs

  • More effective than standard urinal cake
  • Bio tabs release active ingredients gradually to reduce coagulation within the trap which can cause blockages and odour
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