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Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray

Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria.

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Toilets can easily harbour a number of bad bacteria including E. coli, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus and more! Many people often face anxiety when using public or foreign toilet seats. Let the customers and staff using your washroom be rest assured that they can safely use your toilets. Easy to use Flick Anticimex Toilet Seat Spray units provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise surfaces such as toilet seats effectively before use.Flick Anticimex Toilet Seat Spray sanitising liquid is ultra quick drying and will kill up to 99.9% of common germs. Tamper-proof and cross contamination free pouches ensure installation of refills is quick and simple.

So, protect your customers and staff from harmful bacterias. Use our Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray in addition to our soap service units and give people peace of mind.

Features and benefits of the Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray

  • Effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet seat fixtures, surfaces and other fixtures and fittings that can cause cross-contamination.
  • Mildly perfumed and ultra quick drying sanitising liquid allowing the use of facilities immediately after sanitising has taken place.
  • Wall mounted & durable units - simple to use offering 3000 spray capacity with up to 1000 cleaning operations.
  • Detailed instruction sticker on dispenser allows clientele clear understanding of usage.
Toilet Seat Sanitiser Sprayprotects any surface in your washroom from germs

For more information, feel free to download our Toilet Seat Sanitiser Spray product card.

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